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Above the Clouds

About Us

We are a group of creative, motivated, and talented individuals coming together to provide a solution with the mentality that "A rising tide raises all boats". We want to see our clients succeed, their consumers succeed, and our own team to succeed. Growth for everyone involved in the process. The team members at Helium are people invested in this goal. To do their best work; all the time, for their own betterment and experience, as well as the client’s success and growth.
Too many agencies and companies prioritize only one thing above all else; the company profit, their clients, or their people. This always leaves the other two neglected and eventually impacts the one they strive to focus on. Helium’s goal is to provide the best environment for its members, thereby improving their creativity and work ethic. This in turn will enhance the content and deliverables provided to our clients. Gaining and keeping clients will increase the bottom line numbers of the company and its financial success.

Meet The People Of Helium Media


Aaron Parker

Creative Director/Owner

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Is This You?

If you are interested in being part of Helium, let us know!



Emotional Support and General Helper

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